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I like learning about technology and participating in Free Software and Open Source Communities.

I started my professional career as a sysadmin, managing GNU/Linux servers, I worked in Government projects for the migration to Free Software, I did IT Security work in Blueteam teams, I currently work in personal projects doing work in Cloud Infrastructure, Continuous Integration and Automation.

I have been a Free Software user for more than 10 years, the first GNU/Linux distribution that I used informally was the disappeared Mandrake, after entering university I met members of the Software Libre Bolivia community where they introduced me to BoliviaOS, a Bolivian distribution based on Ubuntu, after this I was a user of Debian, Archlinux and finally I am a user of Fedora thanks to the invitation of a good friend, he helped me to be part of the Fedora community until I became a Embajador Fedora.


Communities I follow, in which I participate or participated:


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