I had to test the implementation of a NodeJS application where I needed to install global packages, the installation of global NodeJS packages in the operating system does not seem to be a good practice, so we found a solution to this problem.

When running the command:

1$ npm install -g <NOMBRE_PAQUETE>

The problem is for permissions with npm ERR! code EACCES and to solve the problem immediately it was to execute it with sudo, this practice is common but it's not a good practice.

Searching I found that the solution to avoid the sudo command is to manually change the default NPM directory.

Create the New Directory

We create a new folder where the new programs will be installed:

1$ mkdir ~/.npm-global

Configure NPM for the New Directory Path

With the npm command we change the path of the package installation directory:

1$ npm config set prefix '~/.npm-global'

Environment Variables

In some cases, there are guides that suggest you create a .profile file to create the variable, in this example we add the variable to the .bashrc file:

1$ echo 'NPM_CONFIG_PREFIX=~/.npm-global' >> ~/.bashrc

Update Variables

We update the variables with the following command:

1$ source ~/.bashrc

We test the Installation without sudo

To test the new functionality we execute the same command without prepending sudo:

1$ npm install -g <NOMBRE_PAQUETE>